Friday, June 19, 2009

Those who deserve the spotlight...

Swan Lake print by JenniferTrotter

Hi friends!

Everyone love a good stories, right? So, once a upon a time, there is a wonderfully talented crafter who musters all her/his courage to make her/his much loved craft a business and share her/his work with others...

That's the story of most Etsy sellers, and with that much courage and talents, one deserved to be in the spot light, right? It is my sincere belief that every Etsy sellers and shops have an incredible story that deserve being told. Starting with tomorrow, I'm proudly presenting to you our wonderful Etsy artists.

- Saturday's "Feature Artist" brings you a successful and thriving Etsy artist. We can hear her/his jouney to success, learn about who she/he is and what she/he sells as well as picking her/his brain for wonderful advices!

- Wednesday's "Hidden Gem" will present a relatively new/less well-known with a promising shop full of fantastic items that simply needs a little bit more exposure. Have fun learning more about them, and perhaps find a great deal/coupon in their "Note to lovely blog readers", too!

All my pocket interviews with the artists will be short and sweet. You'll be glad you "meet" them!

So join us tomorrow to hear the story Nataliaraya and her successful shop with fabulous jewelry like this famous Tea Time Ring. See ya!
THO DINH, aka PapillonJewelry.

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