Friday, June 19, 2009

Warning: Read this only if you have lots of time to waste (and have fun)!

So, other than Etsy and Twitter, I have to admit that I have other addictions as well. Here are two FUN (and FREE) things I really enjoy lately :)

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Do you see my cute dressed up avatar on the left sidebar? That is from, a Japanese web application for grown-ups who do not want to grow up. LOL. It's like having a virtual doll (poupee is doll in French) and dress it up all you want. The only difference is that you can "buy"clothes for your doll without out begging your Mama for money.

No, it won't cost a cent. Here's how it works: you post some photos of your (real) wearable items (clothes, jewelry, shoes, hair accessories, make-ups, etc.) to share with others. Then, you'll earn some ribbons, which is the virtual money unit on, to buy adorable clothes, shoes, etc. for your dolls. You can also make friends with other poupees, take the snapshot of your poupee and share with others, too (like my case). How I love looking at people's closets and dressing up my doll in adorable outfits (that I don't have. lol.)!

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(One problem with this is that since it's originally Japanese, sometime you may feel a little lost when you wander into a page with everything in Japanese, but let me assure you that the English there is decent, and you can definitely manage. I'm not Japanese, you know!)

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The second addiction is the "Farm Town" application on Face book. Above is a snapshop from the game. Basically, you'll be a farmer working diligently to plant and harvest different crops. You can also have fruit trees, flowers and animals. Then, if you work hard, you'll keep getting richer and richer to the point you can buy a stunning mansion like this one (and many other fun thing). If only real life is that easy! LOL.

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What I like the most about this game is that it is very interactive. You can chat with other players, visit/tend their farm, hire someone to work for you (and earn more profit that way). Of course, if you're broke or need more money to buy seeds (and what's not) for your farm, you can go to the marketplace to find a harvesting job in someone's farm. Fun!

(The only problem with this game is that the crops take forever to grow - from 4 hours to even 4 days real time, but you can always work on someone else's farm and earning heaps of money while waiting for your crops)
To play, click here!

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