Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My passion for jewelry making...

Yes, making jewelry is a hobby. It is so much fun and exciting even though I wouldn't recommend it to everyone since it can be quite costly. LOL. Seriously, nothing (relatively speaking!) can beat the thrill of anticipating how a piece of jewelry would turn out and seeing them in real life (vs. in my imagination). Sometimes, the beads just choose one another, and after all, I can't help wondering, "What do I have to do with this beautiful jewelry? I can't believe I made it!" :)

Nevertheless, as a quasi-artist and a Christian, making jewelry means a lot more to me...

Opening and running this jewelry shop on Etsy is pretty much my first public acceptance of my artistic side, almost like having peace with yourself after years of struggling. Though I always love creating things (I've tried many, too many, different kinds of arts and crafts! Paiting, flower arranging, crochet, knitting, clay flower, etc.), I had never felt confident enough to share my arts or to consider arts as someting I can do seriously for an income. This journey with Papillon has been a much needed creative outlet and a huge leap of faith (trusting God and trusting my ability) for me, and it's been very enjoyable so far (though not very profitable -literally- yet. lol).

Wearing jewelry is in fact, an act of embracing your womanhood. Jewelry calls for attention at a certain part of your face or you body. So, wearing jewelry is pretty much saying, "Look at me. I'm cute." :) even if the piece of jewelry is very delicate or subtle. Creating beautiful jewelry, for me, is a way of helping and encouraging other woman to be confident in themselves. Nope, a woman's apprearance does not determine her worth. In fact, as a Christian, I believe that my worth lies in the fact that God call me "his daughter", "holy and beloved", and whether I look great or not does not change that truth. Yet, our look is an important part of who we are or how people perceive us. Wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry encourages us to wear a matching lovely outfit/shoes/ makeup, and possibly improves our entire appearance, boosts our confidence and change out outlook of one whole day! It's not so much about being attractive, but more about being presentable and confident. From that angle, I feel very blessed to be able to do this job to serve other women. In our society, there's already too much pressure on women, why do we have to compromise with such pressures and whine, "If only I'm a man, I can do this and this..."? Instead, let's look great, feel confident and proud to be a woman because we are absolutely precious (in God's eyes) and capable of contributing so much for our family and society!

This has been my longest posting ever, and if you've read this far, thank you so much for reading my "unofficial mission statement" for Papillon jewelry. I love making jewelry, and now, you know why, my friend!


  1. Wow! Check out all those tools! You have a wonderful assortment! Everything you need at your finger tips!

  2. Having a mission statement, articulating your ideas and philosophy is a huge step for defining yourself as an artist. Congrats!

    Love the pciture of the tools of your trade.