Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend cRaZy SALE - Buy 1 get 1 FREE Matching Earrings

Yes, this cute Oh-happy-day necklace is part of the SALE, along with many other great items. You'll save at least $6.50 with these jewelry set since the earrings are completely FREE!

What to say? I just care enough to make my customers look best with a matching earrings to bring out the twinkle in their eyes (without breaking the budget) :))

Hurry! Offer expires on Sunday 12 pm. (And don't forget to check out today's new listings)

My home country!

Today I just shipped out a few orders (yay!) with a new packaging idea. Some Etsians comment that I should include something uniquely Vietnam to my shop since that would be very interesting to others and my jewelry is necessarily ethnic. So, in my "light-bulb" moment, I decided to reuse old Vietnam map to make shipping envelope and add a little Vietnam's postcard to the package :) That of course adds a little extra cost, but it's well worth it because I'm so happy to share with my buyers about where I come from :).

So, here's some quick facts about Vietnam for your information.

Area: 127, 243 sq. mi; equivalent in size to Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee combined
Capital: Hanoi
Population: 80 millions
Climate: tropical, dry seasons and rainy season
Money: dong (1 US Dollar= 17,500 dongs)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Time for a little showing off :):):)

Here's my two brand-new listings.
The Opulence Earrings

and the Rosée Filigree Ring

Thanks for looking!

Let's go grocery shopping!

Grocery Shopping Trip to Trader Joes is one of the things I miss the most about being in the US. Yes, their price is decent, and I love the great variety there, but I also miss being "Ms. Eco-friendly" while walking proudly with my Trader Joe's reusable grocery bag. Silliness, huh? LOL.
So, to soothe my aching heart (!), I searched and searched for another lovely eco-friendly market bag on Etsy :). These are the proud winners.

This Little Miss Sunshine is hand croched from recycled plastic bags by CraftyKathi.

Go shopping with style while protect your lips from the hot summer sun with this tote (and lip balm holder) by mysparetimedesign.

Do you care enough to keep all your grocery super organized while entertaining your local grocer with your fun bag(s)? Then, check wonderthunder out!

Last but definitely not least, who would think a burlap coffee bag from your local farm would make a wonderful grocery bag? The answer is the smart gal from SasakiCreations!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

New listing of the day!

(The Opulence Bracelet)
This exotic bracelet of multiple strands of rich red beads accented by gold glass seedbead is an uniquely Asian interpretation of opulence. Truly fit for a queen!

- Toggle clasp
- 7.5"L approx

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanh Long / Dragon Fruit!

Dragon fruit, called "Thanh Long" in Vietnamese, is cactus family, origin in Central America desert area.

The fruit can weigh from 150-600 grams; some may reach one kilogram. The white flesh, which is eaten raw, is mildly sweet and sour while in calories. It is generally recommended that dragon fruit be eaten chilled, for improved flavor.

To prepare a "Thanh Long" for consumption, cut the fruit vertically into two halves. From here, either cut the halves into watermelon-like slices, or scoop out the two white fleshy halves with a spoon. Eating the fruit is sometimes likened to that of the kiwi due to a prevalence of sesame seed-sized black crunchy seeds found in the flesh of both fruits which make for a similar texture upon consumption.



Nope, I'm not getting married any time soon! But a great friend of mine is getting married this weekend, and I'm sooooooooo extremely excited for her! The couple grew up together in the same neighborhood, having the same group of friends and even going to the same college! Almost sounds like a fairy tale! Now, some may call it "boring" or "too predictable", but I'm called it "pre-destined to be together" :) I'm so praising God for them and their marriage!

Since I'm so in the "wedding" mood, here's some amazing wedding cake toppers from Etsy.

A sweet and whimsy couple ...

(by simplysweetbydawn)

The elegant young love birds...

(by RedLightStudio )

And a couple who dress in styles. LOL.

(by buildersstudio)

An ice splash for your dreary day!

Here's my handsome new Etsy's listing for today:

Quench your thirst for style this a chic and classy Gin and Tonic necklace. A whimsy and sparkling chunk of precisely-cut glass is paired up with tiny cascading clear glass beads for a muted yet bold fashion statement.

- "Ice cube": 1"L, 0.6"W approx.
- "Chain": 16"L approx
- Lobster clasp

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Once upon a time, I suddenly remember that my shop's name, Papillon, means "butterfly" in French. So, I thought it would be great to include some amazing butterflies found on Etsy with you guys! :)

("Butterfly" 10x8 print by LuckyBlueBird)

(Candies and Butterflies - 8x10 Photo Art Print by TinyBazaar)

(Crochet Pattern - Francisca dressed as a butterfly amigurumi doll by Owlishly)

"Papillon" means "butterfly" (French), which symbolizes "CHRIST'S RESURRECTION" in Christianity. Hence, this shop was named "Papillon" to celebrate this joyous event and my new life in Him.

For more info about my shop, click here!

Reading for pleasure!

( Lovely Crochet pattern for Book Cover by Adorkable1 on Etsy)

Here's an irony. Reading for pleasure has been under satisfied luxury for me in college, yet now that I'm out of college, I don't even want to look at books for a while ! LOL.

By reading for pleasure, I mean something that will enrich my soul in some way and of course is enjoyable. Usually, this includes spiritual-enrichment books and some classic literature (Trust me, I have a long list of must-read classics). With the exception of the Bible, which is my sustaining source, I haven't read for pleasure that much. Actually, recently, I started to read more again, but it's not even for fun! They're all books on marketing and stuff like that to improve my Etsy Shop. Help!

What's about you? Any good read lately?

New items listed!

At last! New items have arrived. My camera was acting out the whole week, and I couldn't even take any decent pictures. Still, I'm thankful that "we" are kind of on an agreement to work together again. Hence, new listings. I'm actually quite please about these two items:

(Blink! Blink! EARRINGS)
Blink! Blink! Add some spunk to your outfit today with this unique pair of earrings and have others eyeing you all day! - 2"L approx

(Oh-happy-day NECKLACE)
What would be more appropriate for starting a beautiful day than putting on this adorably fun and colorful necklace? Let the magic of polka dots and the most vibrant shades of red and blue (and a fun chain attached) brighten up your day!

- Toggle
- 9.5"L approx.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I've got a plan for YOUR weekend!!!!

Any plan for the weekend yet? All right, my goal for this post is to make you check out some closest Vietnamese Restaurant in the neighborhood this weekend for some of this famous Vietnamese noodle soup, called "PHO" :)

(The following info is from Fyi, I was tempted to write the intro to Pho myself but soon realized I couldn't do justice to this amazing dish. So, here I found a short and sweet article to seduce you to try the dish out yourself . Enjoy!)

"What is Pho? (pronounced "FUH") For many Vietnamese, pho is life, love and all things that matter. We treasure pho, and most of us have loved it since the day we were old enough to hold a pair of chopsticks.

The pho itself is actually a noodle made from the finest white rice. The pho is then topped with thin slices of beef. The rich, vibrant broth, is produced after long hours of simmering in the finest beef and bone marrow. This flavorful broth is then poured onto the pho. The rich bowl of pho is then topped with onions, cilantro and green onions. Pho is then served with side dish of bean sprouts, limes, spikes of basil, and sliced green chili on the side to create a healthy, delicious, and satisfying meal.

Pho provides a delicious one-dish meal for your breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Pho in every Vietnamese family is a must, much in the same way as pasta is an inextricable part of Italian culinary tradition and culture."

Friday, May 22, 2009

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain...

fI'm doing this:

("Safe from the rain" PRINT by BeileXian on Etsy)

and wishing I'm doing this:

("Dancing in the rain" PRINT by kittyjujube on Etsy)

It's rainy season in Vietnam, and I'm writing this post while "listening to the rhythm of the falling rain" like the lyric of my favorite song. In Saigon, where I live, it's pretty much a long extended summer all year round. The first part, it's dry, and the part, it's rainy. Trust me, nothing is as cooling and soothing as a quiet rain pouring patiently outside... Try it sometime!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New items listed

New items have arrived. Are you ready for some eye-candies? :)

(Polka Dots Chic Earrings - $5.50) Polka dots never go out of style. Why? It is both so fun and so chic at the same time! Like this pair of earrings. 1"L approx

There is one NEW section in my shop for items that I will provide with the design and you choose whether you want it to be earrings, rings, necklace, pendant, brooch, etc. Here's one in that section called Whimsy Cherry Blossoms.

(Whimsy Cherry Blossoms UPICK Design -from $7)
Sweet and Classy, this little cherry blossom is ready for you to adorn and adore. It is 2.5"L, 2.5"W approx, wired with freshwater pearls and seed beads

How do you want to use it? Here are the choices:

- A PENDANT (no necklace included): $8
- A BROOCH: $10
- A NECKLACE with chain attached to 2 sides (as pictured). Length (up to 32") and clasp (with or without) is of your choice. $12
- A smaller version of this (1.5"L, 1.5"W approx)can also be made in to RINGS ($7), EARRINGS ($12).

(Royal Bracelet - 9$)
This gorgeous "Royal" bracelet in deep purple jewel tone is fit for a queen. Don't hesitate to grace your wrist with its bold "jewels" and delicate seed beads!

- 7.5"L approx (extension included)
- Lobster clasp

(Sparkling Ocean Earrings - $5.50). These simple and sophisticate earrings are perfect for any dress-up day! The sparkling magic and purest color of high-quality Swarovski crystals will definitely bring out the color of your eyes and compliment any outfit without overwhelming them.

- Silver-plated metal
- 0.5"L approx

There's also a matching necklace of this earrings listed in "Jewelry SETS" Section, another new section. Many other items now also have matching items, and you'll definitely save money when buying items from "Jewelry SETS" instead of buying them separately.

That's that for now. My goal from now on is to list at least one item/day (except Sunday). So, check back often! Adios!
Don't want to buy Full Price any longer? Join my Newsletter for the latest COUPON and SALEs. Also, don't miss my Weekend cRaZy SALE. This week theme is "THE $5 OFF CRAZE", and lots of items are going on sale for as low as $1.5!!!! So act fast!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Stuff white people like"

This book by Christian Lander is my new favorite. Perhaps it's because I like his first name or because "Asian girls" are included on the list(#11). LOL. A few disclaimers:

1/ The book is not meant to be racist at all since it is written by a white guy.

2/You may or may not agree with everything said in the book, but you'll surely find it interesting. It is not supposed to be a research paper with detailed survey from a large sample of the population but a (somewhat random) collections of personal experiences and comments. The tone of the book is actually quite humorous and intelligent with a hint of sarcasm.

3/No, I haven't finished reading the book yet (and do not intend to do so soon). The book is only 224 pages, but it is one of those you can read a bit at a time and savor the rest for later.

That's said here's a few things that I've just learned that I have in common with the "white people" (and lots of Etsians, I believe!) :)
#1 Coffee
#30 Wrigley Field (Yay for Chicago!)
#49 Vintage
#51 Living by the Water
#64 Recycling
#57 Juno
#81 Graduate School
#97 Scarves
#112 Hummus
#115 Promising to Learn a New Language


Newsletter is officially launched!!!!!

(Fun vintage newsletters from a children' TV show from the 60's & 70's, found on Flickr)

Look to the right! What's that? :) My weekly newsletter is officially launched, and I'm incredibly happy that some of you guys have already subscribe for it. Don't worry! I do NOT spam, and I hate spam, too! I'd like to keep my newsletter "short and sweet" 'coz I don't want people to fall asleep or delete my newsletter before they reach the precious info of the COUPON and SALE available for the week as well as other news that they don't want to miss! So, do not hesitate to join! The more, the merrier!

"School is so OVERRATED"

(PIRATE mini ART tote for kids-crayon keeper-chalk cloth-bag by Whimseys on Etsy)

"School is so OVERRATED", said my favorite professor. Don't get us wrong. We do not promote "No-schooling" or underestimate education. She is finishing up her doctoral degree, and I'm working and saving for graduate school. Yet, one thing I've learned is that more schooling does not necessarily make you a smarter or better person. Take my oldest sister. She couldn't finish high school due to my family's financial situation at the time, and yet she is among the kindest and smartest person I've ever known (All right, may be I'm a little bit biased:). The older I get, the more I respect her for the sacrifices she made for us, younger siblings, and her wisdom in life. Schooling is helpful, and it definitely enriched my life. Still, it has nothing to do with my self-worth, and I'm so thankful that I have a Father in heaven who loves me for who I am no matter what!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eco-friendly and Homemade Soaps rock my world!

I'm so in the mood for cleaning today. Look at my shop! All the pictures has just been "tidied up" and updated. It may be too subtle for you to notice the difference, but let me tell you. Photoshop can make all the differences in the world, and a better thumbnails picture means a lot more views! Yay!

Now to real cleaning, look at this soap! Isn't it crazy? I would definitely feel more motivated to hop to the shower in the morning. It is truly the fulfillment of my childhood dream: to have some soap that I can eat (well, with my eyes and nose only, I guess :))

(CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE Soap by BubblesUpByBethieB on Etsy)

How about some yummy pinky whip cream?

(Chocolate Raspberry Cream Roll scented WHIPPED CREAM SOAP by Verbenacustomblends on Etsy)

On a slightly different note, do you know that detergent can be homemade with wonderful scents and eco-friendly ingredients, too? I didn't expect to be enlightened so much on Etsy :)

(Lavender and Lime Essential oil scented vegan eco friendly laundry soap by MayleesGarden on Etsy)

I guess I probably need to get going and start cleaning my studio/bedroom now. Is there any cleaning robot on Etsy? Just wondering... :))

Monday, May 18, 2009

This quirky side of mine

These earrings are VERY DIFFERENT from what I usually make. You know, I'm usually rather nice and quiet (!!!), but only a selected few (bless their hearts!) knows that sometimes I can be quite quirky and perhaps... strange. So this is just one of those time when I just couldn't contain my quirkiness inside anymore and started to wonder, "Who would wear an ear wire alone?" Guess who? Me! And I'm sure I'm NOT gonna be the only quirky one out there. (Soon available on Etsy).

"I don't make cheap jewelry"

Today, I received a comment (out of good intention) that some of my jewelry is a bit TOO colorful (since most "common" people shy away from colorful jewelry that gain much attention), and perhaps I should use less beads to reduce cost (and PRICE). At that very moment, the artist in me blurted out, "I don't make cheap jewelry. I only make things that inspire me, (and hopefully others)" while the business woman is screaming inside, "Hold on. She does make some sense. After all, if you don't make some SALEs, you can't just keep making more jewelry".

Alas, PRICE. How I hate that word! It gives me so many headaches... All right! So, after thinking long (!) and hard, I chose something in between the two extremes. I went ahead and carefully REDUCED the $PRICE$ of several (if not most) items. That's what I call sacrificing small short-term profits for long-term benefits". So, wish me luck!
P.S: This price reduction is also in honor of my days as a poor college student who had to look away from many pieces of jewelry (no matter how inexpensive) she liked to stick to the budget or to simply protect the meager content of her wallet. LOL.

My FIRST shipping batch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi y'all!
I'm shipping out 8 pairs of earrings today! How exciting! Some of that was part of the GIVEAWAY while some came from the Weekend cRaZy SALE. One order is actually from ESTONIA. Can you believe that?!!! The two \events really gave my shop a lot more exposure :).

Making recycled envelopes and Thank-you card was the most fun thing. The envelope was made out of an old (or "vintage", I shall say) French Grammar book, which I suspected that it was in the house since my Dad's last attempt to review his French at least 15 years ago. Then, there was some part that I got to do some coloring with crayon as well. How fun! Similarly, the "Thank you" card was also made of maps from a very old French Geography (or "Geographie", I shall say) book. Sorry, guys, no picture since they're all inside the envelope! Maybe the only way for you to see it is to get a "Thank you"card for yourself (I wonder how? >_<). LOL.

Just want to share with you guys some progress of my shop... Good day!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekend cRaZy SALE

("Mother-Daughter Love" painting from

I guess I'm just over excited about my first "Weekend cRaZy Sale" ever. Take this somewhat irrelevant comparision. I'm like a mother who has many daughters. She loves them all, and yet she does want them all to be married off and get out of the house eventually. Me? I love my jewelry, but I definitely would not have a hard time letting go of them, knowing that they'll be with people such as my amazing Etsy buyers who would love them dearly :).

Goi cuon, aka (Vietnamese) Spring Rolls

These mouth-watering rolls is a famous Vietnamese dish, called "goi cuon" or "(Vietnamese) spring rolls". I like the name spring rolls because this dish is just as scrumptious and refreshing as spring. It basically includes some prawns, rice noodles and various seasonal vegetables/herbs; all is wrapped up beautifully in the wholesome translucent rice wraps that Vietnamese are very proud to be its inventor. :)The sauce for this sauce is also pretty interesting. It can be made of fish sauce or soy paste or even peanut butter. The results of course would vary a great deal, but to me, they are all irresistable! LOL.

Rest .....

Rest is my word for the day. Does "rest" mean sleep? Not necessary, even when you have those wonderful pillows (by Nuka on Etsy)...

For me, rest means to let my mind stop worrying and do things that will rejuvenate my heart and soul, including sleeping, spending time with family, making jewelry (just for the fun of it and not worrying about sale :) Though, I admit it's getting hard to do so :)), etc. Most of all, my rest means spending more one-on-one time with my God, the ultimate giver of peace and rest... What does rest mean to you?


Friday, May 15, 2009

Earrings GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

In honor of Daniel Dinh, my most lovely and supportive brother whose Birthday happens to be today, I'm giving away 20 (yes, it's 20!) pairs of these darling earrings:

All you have to do is to “buy” the earring of your choice from my shop and mention "Giveaway" in your order. Then, you’ll only need to pay for shipping ($1.5). A revised invoice will be sent to you via Paypal. Once the payment is clear, I will ship out the item of your choice ASAP
. Offer is "first come, first serve". Offer is for today only (May 15). Act fast!


Adorable Piggy Banks!!!!!!!!!

I found these most adorable piggy banks on Etsy, by UniqueBOWtique09. By the way, talking of saving money, feel free to follow me on Twitter (username: papillonjewelry) for WEEKLY COUPON! You'll be glad you do. :)


Aodai (Vietnamese traditional dress)

(Courtesy of Pedro Dyliacco)

You may not be very familiar with Vietnam, the country where I come from. So, here's an adorable pictures with girls in aodai (literally means long dress), Vietnamese traditional outfit. This dress is very popular in Vietnam. Women young and old wear them to go to school, to work, to go shopping, etc. Pretty much everywhere you go, you can see aodai. Still, I can't get enough of it :). Enjoy!

Furoshiki (Japanese Fabric Wrapping)

As mentioned, I prefer fabric wrapping for my products. This wrapping technique used is call furoshiki, a traditional Japanese fabric wrapping technique. I love it because not only does it look amazing but also whoever receives the package can definitely reuse the fabric afterward. Here's some more instructions (with diagram) on different ways to wrap your gifts (and what's not :)) beautifully and eco-friendly.

(A tiny fun side note: Do you notice the water? It is the rainy season in Vietnam, and I was trying to take photo in the late afternoon to get the perfect light; however, the rain comes and calls it a day! :))


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome to Papillon Jewelry!

Welcome to Papillon Jewelry! It's so nice of you to come and visit! Please stay for some good read and feel free to chit chat :)!

My name is Tho Dinh, and I'm from Vietnam. "Papillon" means "butterfly" (French), which symbolizes "CHRIST'S RESURRECTION" in Christianity. Hence, this shop was named "Papillon" to celebrate this joyous event and my new life in Him. To God be the glory! ( If you want to know more about what it means to be a Christian, click here)

I started jewelry making as a creative outlet. Playing with different colors, textures and techniques in jewelry making is so much fun that I gradually became addicted and decided to open a shop to share my creations and also justify my addictions. LOL. My shop is here: Here are some of my favorite items.

My jewelry is made and packaged with a conscious effort to reduce, reuse and recycle. Recycled jewelry (coming soon), fabric wrapping and recycled envelopes are a few things that I'm trying to do with "Papillon Jewelry" to be more eco-friendly.

I do update my shop and blog regularly. So, please check back often.

Me again

@Twitter: papillonjewelry