Saturday, June 27, 2009

SWEEPSTAKE! Win 20$ to shop at Papillon Jewelry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT: Sweepstake time! Win 20$ to shop at Papillon Jewelry!

WHY: To thank you for your valuable interest and support to Papillon Jewelry....Plus, my Birthday is on Nov 25. So, I decided that I'll hold a month Sweepstake on the 25th of every month from now on. It's that simple! :))

HOW: You can participate by create your "Wish list" consisting of your 3 favorite pieces of jewelry from Papillon Jewelry. Make a comment for this post with your "Wish List", including links of the items you choose.

WHEN: Winners will be randomly selected and announced on Monday June 29. Hurry!


  1. Thank you for following me at Twitter. I used to make jewelry too and I found your pieces so creative and beautiful. The three pieces I love the most are:

    1. Grace Necklace - Double Strand Necklace (Deep Amber Briolette/Oxidized chain):

    2. The Almost-Emerald Ruffle Necklace:

    3. The Quisrky Earrings (red):

  2. Oh my!! What a great sweepstakes. Here is my wish list.

    1 - Magic Sunflower Earrings (blue)

    2 - Opulence Earrings

    3 - LIVE TO LOVE - Message Necklace with hand engraved shell pendant (maybe not in pink though LOL)

  3. Fun :)

    1)Grace Necklace in red

    2)Pearl cluster ring (but I really like the white too)

    3)the brave heart necklace

    Tho, I really like your stuff! I hope it's going well for you.

  4. My faves!
    Poppy Elegance
    Fire and Rain

    Your work is lovely and affordable!

  5. Oh Dear! I was logged in to my "professional" blog when I commented. My personal email/blog link is on this account.
    Sorry! Katie

  6. Lovely jewelry! My wish list:

  7. So hard to choose! Here are my 3 favs (For now!)

  8. thanks for this chance!!
    great shop you have!!
    i like this one:
    and this one:
    and this one!

    thank you!

  9. My three favorite --

    The last ones are so cute, like strawberries haha!

  10. My wishlist:

    Rose Stud Earrings

    Cherry Blossom Necklace

    Rosee Filigree Ring

  11. Here is our wishlist:

    Wooly Cutie Earrings

    Oh Happy Day Necklace

    Tiny Rose Stud Earrings

    My favorite is the Oh Happy Day Necklace! I love your colors!

  12. Congratulations to KeriAnne, you are the winner of this Sweepstake!

    All of you who participated in this sweepstake will also receive a 20%OFF Coupon as a token of appreciation. Simply mention, "BLOG SWEEPSTAKE" when checking out. Thank you, guys!