Friday, June 5, 2009

Hoa phuong -"The students' flower"

Today, I'd like to share with you guys about a beautiful kind of flowers in Vietnam called "hoa phuong".

"Hoa phuong" is nicknamed "the students' flower" since it only blooms in the summer when all students begin their summer break. For high school graduating seniors, this flower also has a bittersweet meaning since it signals their separation from all their friends and teachers.

(Female highschool students in white aodai, Vietnam's traditional outfit/high school uniform with "hoa phuong" in background")

Just imagine how the whole city is "fired up" when "hoa phuong" blooms everywhere at the same time!!! It's the same breathtaking sensation as when cherry blossoms bloom in Spring....



  1. Breathtaking flowers. We have pink and white spring blossoms, nothing like that intense red.

  2. Yeah, I love walking under these beautiful trees, and the flowers actually last a bit longer than Spring blossoms in the States. Yay!