Thursday, June 11, 2009

Understand jewelry description better!

Buying jewelry online can be a bit confusing since you can see the piece in person. Here I listed some common jewelry components (with pictures) so that you can understand a piece of jewelry's description better. Shop confidently!

♥ Gold (Silver) - plate vs. Gold (Silver) - filled


- created using an electro-chemical processes

- thin layer of gold (low quality)

- wears off pretty quickly when coming into frequent contact with the wearers skin and environment

Gold - filled

- created by heat-and-pressure-bonding a thin layer of gold to a brass core.

- a layer of real gold over a base metal

- wears off very slowly (at least 3 years or more)

♥ A few types of chain:

♥ Different types of clasps:
Lobster clasp

Spring Ring Clasp

Toggle clasp

Tube bar Clasp

Push clasp/Box clasp

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