Monday, June 22, 2009

My idea of a perfect morning...

How's your Monday so far? Hope it's going well....

Me? My morning has been a little bit dull. So, here am I daydreaming of a perfect morning...

So, once upon a perfect morning, I'll be sitting in a comfy chair with my most cozy and sweet quilt throw (by Atticwear)....

 to a little side table with a romantic tin tray in my favorite color (from Kimchiandclover) and a unique little moss filled world (Terrarium by Greenbriar).

There, I'll be sipping tea from my colorful anemone tea cup (by littleflowerdesign), munching some white chocolate pistachio biscotti (by Webvanessa)....

.... while leisurely reading a surprise handwritten letter full of wonderful illustration and/or collage artwork by Joon of Flyinghousewife (Yes! You can buy yourself a handwritten letter!).

Life's good!


  1. What a lovely Monday morning surprise to see you featured my letters. Thank you so very much. I love your theme and choices. I send you wishes across the miles for a happy and healthy week, too.



  2. Great Blog - my idea of a Monday morning also - sit, relax and enoy the morning! Congrats to Joon also and all the other artists mentioned!

  3. What a lovely morning!! Wonderful featured items. I've had mail from Joon and it is ALWAYS a delight!!

  4. I have one of joonie's letters too! they are a treasure!

  5. terrific post, and yes, a comfy chair is a must for perfect morning.