Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday's "Hidden Gem": Meatbagz

How often do you go grocery shopping? At least once a week, right? Today, we'll meet Mackenzie and Kate of Meatbagz, my favorite shop for reusable shopping bags (screen printed). These bags "are ready for anything. Pack them, store them, crush them, and manhandle them everyday and they'll still be ready for more! Everybody deserves nice Meatbagz, so join the reusable revolution and display your Meatbagz proudly". Ready for a fun ride with our two featured artists today?

Here's our pocket interview with Mackenzie and Kate of Meatbagz.

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Q: Describe yourself in 5 words.

A: I'd describe the two of us as quirky, goofy, fun, moms, and friends.

Q: What goodies do you offer in your shop?
A: We offer a variety of handy bagz and totes (as well as the occasional piece of meatbagz related wall art) with a wicked sense of humor. All are screen printed by hand with our original designs.

Q: How was your shop started?
A: Our shop started over tea one night...we've been friends since high school, and generally when we get together things start to get a little goofy. We were discussing how much we hated using plastic bags but also hated the boring plain canvas totes-or, even worse-being advertisements for big box grocery stores-and we decided we needed to make some fun market totes to bring home the meat in! one thing led to another and meatbagz was born!

Q: What are some unique things about your shop?
A: I'd say the most unique thing about the shop is our sense of humor. We only put designs up that make us laugh, and we hope they brighten other peoples' days too!

Q: What or who inspires you?
A: We inspire each other. We get together every week or so and while our kids are having a playdate (we have three 2 year olds and two 5 year olds, put together) we have meatbagz meetings. We make a pot of tea and sometimes just start cracking each other up, and sometimes we're inspired by a new bag we're trying out and the bag leads us to the design it needs! Generally, though, if we both think an idea is funny it's going to end up somewhere in the shop.

Q: What is the item in your shop you enjoyed making the most and why?

Hmmm, we can only pick one? I guess at the moment it's our 100% recycled cotton market totes. They are absolutely delicious with their double handles and we love the fact that they're made with fair labor/wages. We were excited to find those within our budget.

Q: Your additional notes to my lovely blog's readers
A: We're trying to change the world, a few meatbagz at a time! If you check out our shop and like anything you see, please mention "Hidden Gem" in the notes to seller and we'll refund your shipping!

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What a wonderful interview! Aren't you glad we got to know these talented artists a little bit better? Why don't you drop by to say "Hi" and make their day with a few encouraging words. Their lovely shop is here.

That's all for today's Hidden Gem. Our new artist and I would love to hear from YOU, so feel free to share your comments and ideas. Do you have a favorite Etsy Artist? Why not suggesting him/her to be featured on this blog? Just let me know!

Next Wednesday, we'll meet Angelina Fong of angelinafongdesigns. If you love contemporary art and Home accessories (pillows, acrylic paintings, etc.), you know you don't want to miss this interview!


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  1. Great feature! Their bags are so cute!

  2. thank you so much for featuring our shop! you have a wonderful blog and we'll be stopping by often!

    kate at meatbagz