Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday's Featured Artist: Sosorosey

Hi friends, are you enjoying the last few days of July(By the way, there's only 2 more days to participate in Papillon Jewelry's Monthly Giveaway)? Today, we'll visit one of my favorite home accessory shops on Etsy, where you can find incredible upcycled fabric crochet items like these colorful and stunning coasters below! Let's give a loud round of applause to Jennie of Sosorosey! Jennie is from Manassas, Virginia, and her shop joined Etsy community on Nov 22, 2007 and have has 460 sales thus far.

Let's pick her brain! :)

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#1. Describe yourself in 5 words.
creative, sentimental, perceptive, thinker, old soul

#2. What goodies do you offer in your shop?
I call my shop an “Elegant Eco-friendly Crochet Boutique “. I design and create functional treats for the home, baby, and soul including many unique, upcycled fabric crochet items.

#3. How was your shop started?
I discovered Etsy in November of 2007, and was a buyer only for a couple of months. I quickly became addicted to the community and decided to dive in and see if others would appreciate what I have to offer.

#4. What are some unique things about your shop?
My shop is uniquely “me”. From the banner, to the photos, to the props and descriptions I take great pride in every detail. I love popping into my shop and strolling around! Customization is a special and super enjoyable process with me, and each item is always presented beautifully and lovingly to its recipient.

#5. What or who inspires you?
Besides the many amazing artists that inspire me every day on Etsy, my main inspiration comes from fabric and vintage colors and patterns. I walk out of every thrift store with tons of new color combinations that I want to try out!

#6. What is the item in your shop you enjoyed making the most and why?
I REALLY enjoyed making the Love Your Mother rag rug. It was created for an Earth Day team challenge, and I had a great time dreaming up the concept and putting it all together.

#7. What advice would you give to artists who are new to Etsy?
Etsy can be a lonely place, and it can be hard to keep the faith in your work when you first get started. Hang in there! Stellar product needs to be backed by phenomenal customer service and excellent communication. Always consider your shop a work in progress, always be willing to listen to suggestions, never underestimate the value of your time and effort, and never say anything in the forums that you wouldn’t want plastered on the front page of a newspaper!

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Beside her wonderful shop , Jennie also has a blog ( ) where you can get to know her and her work better. So, don't hesitate to drop by and say "Hi"!

That's all for today's Featured Artist. Your Comment and Feedback are much appreciated! Next Saturday,
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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my shop!

  2. sosorosey is one of my favorite Etsy shops! Jennie is incredibly creative and talented.

  3. Olá! Conheci o seu trabalho e é tudo de bom!
    Amei mesmo!!! Parabéns!...
    Se puder, dê uma espiadinha no meu:
    Itabira - Brasil