Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanh Long / Dragon Fruit!

Dragon fruit, called "Thanh Long" in Vietnamese, is cactus family, origin in Central America desert area.

The fruit can weigh from 150-600 grams; some may reach one kilogram. The white flesh, which is eaten raw, is mildly sweet and sour while in calories. It is generally recommended that dragon fruit be eaten chilled, for improved flavor.

To prepare a "Thanh Long" for consumption, cut the fruit vertically into two halves. From here, either cut the halves into watermelon-like slices, or scoop out the two white fleshy halves with a spoon. Eating the fruit is sometimes likened to that of the kiwi due to a prevalence of sesame seed-sized black crunchy seeds found in the flesh of both fruits which make for a similar texture upon consumption.


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