Friday, May 22, 2009

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain...

fI'm doing this:

("Safe from the rain" PRINT by BeileXian on Etsy)

and wishing I'm doing this:

("Dancing in the rain" PRINT by kittyjujube on Etsy)

It's rainy season in Vietnam, and I'm writing this post while "listening to the rhythm of the falling rain" like the lyric of my favorite song. In Saigon, where I live, it's pretty much a long extended summer all year round. The first part, it's dry, and the part, it's rainy. Trust me, nothing is as cooling and soothing as a quiet rain pouring patiently outside... Try it sometime!


  1. I love the rain, but here in Texas, rain in the summer is humid and very uncomfortable!

  2. That's true, too. It's pretty humid here in Vietnam (tropical country), and when it rains in the afternoon, the humidity just gets worse. I also find it nice to sit at home and watch the rain, but not so fun when you're outside running :)