Monday, May 18, 2009

"I don't make cheap jewelry"

Today, I received a comment (out of good intention) that some of my jewelry is a bit TOO colorful (since most "common" people shy away from colorful jewelry that gain much attention), and perhaps I should use less beads to reduce cost (and PRICE). At that very moment, the artist in me blurted out, "I don't make cheap jewelry. I only make things that inspire me, (and hopefully others)" while the business woman is screaming inside, "Hold on. She does make some sense. After all, if you don't make some SALEs, you can't just keep making more jewelry".

Alas, PRICE. How I hate that word! It gives me so many headaches... All right! So, after thinking long (!) and hard, I chose something in between the two extremes. I went ahead and carefully REDUCED the $PRICE$ of several (if not most) items. That's what I call sacrificing small short-term profits for long-term benefits". So, wish me luck!
P.S: This price reduction is also in honor of my days as a poor college student who had to look away from many pieces of jewelry (no matter how inexpensive) she liked to stick to the budget or to simply protect the meager content of her wallet. LOL.


  1. Your blog is a joy to read, it's interesting and conversational. Beautiful jewelry by the way. :)