Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eco-friendly and Homemade Soaps rock my world!

I'm so in the mood for cleaning today. Look at my shop! All the pictures has just been "tidied up" and updated. It may be too subtle for you to notice the difference, but let me tell you. Photoshop can make all the differences in the world, and a better thumbnails picture means a lot more views! Yay!

Now to real cleaning, look at this soap! Isn't it crazy? I would definitely feel more motivated to hop to the shower in the morning. It is truly the fulfillment of my childhood dream: to have some soap that I can eat (well, with my eyes and nose only, I guess :))

(CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE Soap by BubblesUpByBethieB on Etsy)

How about some yummy pinky whip cream?

(Chocolate Raspberry Cream Roll scented WHIPPED CREAM SOAP by Verbenacustomblends on Etsy)

On a slightly different note, do you know that detergent can be homemade with wonderful scents and eco-friendly ingredients, too? I didn't expect to be enlightened so much on Etsy :)

(Lavender and Lime Essential oil scented vegan eco friendly laundry soap by MayleesGarden on Etsy)

I guess I probably need to get going and start cleaning my studio/bedroom now. Is there any cleaning robot on Etsy? Just wondering... :))


  1. Thank you soooo much for featuring my laundry soap! Your such a doll! Great post too, the others look good enough to eat!

  2. I love handmade soap!! I've purchased from quite a few shops on etsy and have found a few favorites. Not all soap is the same!

  3. That is very true audrey, Not everyone uses the same recipe so all soaps ARE different. Different oils have different qualities and a good soapmaker knows how to use those to her advantage.