Monday, May 18, 2009

My FIRST shipping batch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi y'all!
I'm shipping out 8 pairs of earrings today! How exciting! Some of that was part of the GIVEAWAY while some came from the Weekend cRaZy SALE. One order is actually from ESTONIA. Can you believe that?!!! The two \events really gave my shop a lot more exposure :).

Making recycled envelopes and Thank-you card was the most fun thing. The envelope was made out of an old (or "vintage", I shall say) French Grammar book, which I suspected that it was in the house since my Dad's last attempt to review his French at least 15 years ago. Then, there was some part that I got to do some coloring with crayon as well. How fun! Similarly, the "Thank you" card was also made of maps from a very old French Geography (or "Geographie", I shall say) book. Sorry, guys, no picture since they're all inside the envelope! Maybe the only way for you to see it is to get a "Thank you"card for yourself (I wonder how? >_<). LOL.

Just want to share with you guys some progress of my shop... Good day!

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